About us

Founded in 1985, the Fondation Médicaments et Société’s goal is to promote the different aspects of pharmacy in society, in terms of scientific, economic, social and cultural contribution. The vision of the Fondation is multidisciplinary. The economic and scientific features of research and development in pharmaceuticals have long been emphasised, but at the same time, these fields are often criticised, which exposes fundamental issues which deserve to be approached objectively, with serenity, and in a scientific and global way. The Fondation  aims to serve as a crossroad and a platform for consensus building.

As part of its work, over the last 30 years, the Fondation has organised several seminars on topics ranging from reform of the medical profession; mental health; preclinical treatment and predictive treatment; the consistency of Belgian health policy; the impact of the genomic revolution on the pharmaceutical industry; the position of pharmaceuticals in health economics; access to medication; social solidarity and therapeutic innovation; and most recently eHealth.