Olga Bobrovnikova (pianist)

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    Olga Bobrovnikova (pianist)

Olga Bobrovnikova is a concert pianist with Multiple Sclerosis trained in the Moscow Conservatory and Gnessin Institute in Chamber Piano Performance and Therapy for Music.

Since her diagnosis of MS in Brussels fourteen years after her first symptoms, she has for 15 years dedicated to raising awareness and funds for MS Charities and Organizations.

As Ambassador for the Year of the Brain she reviewed the research abstracts and literature on Music and the Brain to unravel the mysteries of music and piano performance, which she describes in her book “Playing the Pathways of My Brain”.  Her concept of a balanced performance triangle, comprising physical, mental and emotional functions, is based on separate rewards from limbic, motor and associative pathways.

Employing these ideas, her new, progressive method for early teaching of music, uses children’s instinctive mirror learning responses, to establish the physical and mental functional pathways, essential for cognitive learning.