Philippe De Backer

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    Philippe De Backer
    Member of the European Parliament

Philippe De Backer (35) holds a PhD in biotechnology from Ghent University and an MBA from Solvay Business School.

Before joining the European Parliament, Philippe worked as Technology Transfer Officer at CRP-Santé and as analyst at Vesalius Biocapital, a Luxembourg based venture capital firm specialised in the life-sciences. He has an expertise in the valorisation of IP developed by public research institutes and setting-up early ventures in the life-sciences.

Philippe is currently a Member of the European Parliament where he is a full member of the Industry, Technology, Research and Energy Committee. He is a substitute Member of the Economy and Monetary Affairs Committee.

As a liberal, Philippe truly believes that it is his duty to take up responsibility in the community and actively work for the society and the people that live in it. He believes strongly in individual liberty, self-development, free markets and equal starting chances for everybody.